Officers Of The Club

Officers are elected at the annual meeting in October and serve for a term of one year.

Jesse Erickson, KEØUGP - President

I have had an interest in ham radio since I was in The Boy Scouts. That was also my first experience using a ham radio. Fast-forward 20 years and I finally decided to try and get my technician license. I passed my test and was given the call-sign KEØUGP on February 1st 2019. I have been very involved with the 2 meter band, and since recently passing my general class license, I have been talking on the HF bands.

Derek Oldenburger, K9FQO - Vice President

I earned my first call KN9FQO in 1961 while in high school as well as my technician license. A couple years later I obtained my general class license. Inspired by a neighbor who was attending Purdue University in EE I passed the FCC 1st class radiotelephone license and worked at a local radio station while attending college.

Later I became very interested in restoring WW2 radio equipment and after a number of years early solid state communication equipment.

After retirement from medical practice I passed my amateur extra class license and became also a VE. I very much enjoy working on radio equipment and repairing equipment for local amateurs.

J. Dwight L. Corbeil, KEØNUL - Treasurer

I was first exposed to Ham Radio in the late 1960’s; through a High School classmate. His older brother, had a “radio shack” wallpapered with QSO Cards from all over the world. That image stuck with me; until June 17th, 2017 when I achieved my Tech License and in Nov. 18th, 2017 I earned the General Level.

I have an IC7300 transceiver and would like to devote more time in DXing and some local emergency networking.

My wife, Kathleen, and I live south of Detroit Lakes on a 40 acre “hobby farm” that we invested into in 1979. We stay extremely busy learning; all the skills and hobbies we needed to develop over the years; to run and keep up our homestead.


Carson gardner kd0fmj

"I got interested in ham radio in the early 1970's, because a college roommate's dad was a ham. I began studying for my novice license in the mid 1970's, after finishing college; and finally got my first general license in the 1980's. I strayed from the ham radio fold in the 1990's due to major work responsibilities; and regained my tech license in the early 21st century. I just recently took and passed my general license test again, now that I am nearing retirement. I am on 2meters, and look forward to once again doing some HF ham communication. I am even starting to study for my extra class license. That may be a long-and-winding road. I am interested in Red Cross emergency communications. "

Craig Fontaine, KEØEOY - Repeater Trustee

As the emergency manager for Becker County I knew how important ham radio was to our communities in the event of a disaster. After attending a few meetings, I found amateur radio was interesting and started preparing for the Technician license. I tested at a meeting in 2012 and passed the required test to become a “ham”. I have installed a 2-meter radio in my vehicle and communicate with other hams both in the city of Detroit Lakes and while traveling on the road. When I renewed my license plate for my pickup I applied for the amateur plates that are available to hams and now I can always remember my plate number when checking into hotels!